About us

We will assist you every step of the way, from designing the infrastructure to launching the solution.

Founded in 1995, SAIS Interconnexion is one of the largest Quebec-based specialists in structured cabling, fibre optics and data centre installation.

Our Montréal and Québec City offices and our network of partners allow us to offer the best possible service across Canada.

We believe our staff’s expertise and their mastery of the top standards and technologies are the keys to success. Our team members receive ongoing training, so we can provide our customers with optimal-quality services, personalized advice and customer support.

A true technological partner

Few companies in Quebec have the maturity and skill we have been cultivating since our company’s foundation. Our customers’ loyalty proves that we pull out all the stops to give you the support, efficiency and service you expect from professionals. Here’s how we see technological partnership:

A full range of customized services

  • Telecommunications infrastructure commissioning

  • Infrastructure management

  • Emergency service after installation

  • Cutting-edge tools and methods

  • Unequalled speed, thanks to our fleet of fully equipped trucks

Your satisfaction is important to us. This is why our solutions respond to your concerns, challenges and business reality. They also consider your growth potential, your installations’ capacity for evolution and the technological trends.

SAIS is sure to offer you superior-quality services from the start of the planning process to the end of your network installation.

Ready for every possibility, SAIS has:

  • 4 emergency units

  • 1 special intervention program

  • Emergency service after installation

  • An uninterrupted and guaranteed emergency system (within 4 hours)

  • An emergency system offered 24/7, even on holidays

This is our vision of a true efficient customer service and a real partnership!

Our great track record: The key to your project’s success!

SAIS’s project managers are qualified and experienced. From start to finish, they’ll skillfully navigate you through your large-scale projects, like a move into new offices, the redesign of your work space or a restructuring of your major systems. Make sure your experts know how to manage extended service interruptions so your users don’t even notice.

Meticulous planning

The functional implementation of a highly effective and easily available telecommunications infrastructure calls for meticulous planning in the implementation stages and for an informed big picture view of your project.

This is exactly what we do best. First, we:

  • Analyse your needs

  • Conduct feasibility studies for your site

  • Assess the current installations’ conformity

Then, we:

  • Develop infrastructure plans and estimates

  • Call on the experts needed for your technological and strategic choices

  • Perform the logistics and manual work that will guide the installation

  • Plan horizontal distribution

  • Plan vertical distribution

We guide you through all your projects, from infrastructure design to commissioning your solutions.

A perfect finish

SAIS knows how changes or additions to the cabling network can pose a risk to the continuity of your business’s smooth functioning. This is why, for every project, the SAIS team develops a custom database of your inventory and the location of every component.

This cabling record ensures the accuracy of data and truly simplifies the implementation of your equipment.

Our team

At SAIS, our customers are in direct contact with our greatest asset: our employees. Sylvain will come to you and assess even your most complex needs. Steve will make sure your questions are answered quickly. With his 28 years of experience, Mario will carry out your installation up to the most recent industry standards. Benoît will manage your project like it was his own. Robert will make sure the documentation arrives on time. And Raphaël, who’s in training, will be the next generation.

Stéphane Aubé

General Manager

Originally a structured cabling technician, Stéphane founded SAIS Interconnexion in 1996 to fill a desperate need for outstanding customer service in the industry at that time. He takes pride in remaining at the leading edge of technology through ongoing training, particularly in the United States. He likes to think of his work as an art: beyond functional excellence, he strives to design elegant installations, where everything is in the right place.

As the chairperson of the training committee of the Association des entrepreneurs en réseaux de câblage structuré du Québec (AERCS) from 2007 to 2017, Stephane played an active role in knowledge transfer in the industry and in implementing a nine-module joint training program with the Marguerite-Bourgeoys school board. Then, in 2014, in collaboration with TECHNOCompétences, he launched a process to have this training recognized by Quebec’s Ministry of Labour, Employment and Social Solidarity. Now, structured cabling technicians can have qualification cards in this area and take part in a Workplace Apprenticeship Program (PAMT).

Danillo Tuyau


After several years as a technician with the company, Danillo decided to take on a big challenge and moved his entire family to Quebec City to take control of the East. The good management of the personnel, the teamwork, the quality of the installations and the satisfaction of the customers are particularly important to him.

Christophe Jacquin

Project Manager

After working in the field of telecommunications installation, first in France and then in Quebec since 1999, Christophe joined the SAIS team in 2014 as an appraiser and project manager. Since his arrival with us, he has shared his innovative vision with our clients and partners, who are always thrilled to receive such great support.

Steve Perron

Technical Coordinator

Steve has been part of the SAIS family from the very start. He joined us at the age of 17 as a technician’s helper and has been making his way up the ladder ever since. Since 2010, he has enthusiastically held the position of Technical Coordinator.

Sylvain Vachon

Project Manager

Sylvain joined the team in 2001 after many years of active field experience as a project manager. After a five-year hiatus training and working as a claims appraiser for an insurance company, he has now returned to the SAIS family as head appraiser and project manager.

Paul Arpin

Inventory Manager/Project Completion Document

Charise Delas Alas

Accounting and invoicing

Our qualifications

Licensed by the Régie du bâtiment du Québec

Permit # 5730-7423-01

CDAS Belden

Certified systems designer and distributor


Certified systems designer and distributor



BICSI Business member

Building Industry Consulting Service International

BICSI is a world-renowned standard-setting organization for computer networking and telecommunications in the construction industry. Our business membership keeps us abreast of the latest standards in signalling architecture and connectivity technologies.

Our corporate technical manual is drafted based on these standards and guidelines, and every SAIS technician complies with each specification during an installation, thereby ensuring that installations are up to the latest codes and practices.

Commission de la santé
et de la sécurité au travail

Member of the AERCS

Association des entrepreneurs de réseau en câblage structuré du Québec

24/7 emergency service
emergency services
guaranteed within 4 hours,
available 24/7/365,
even on legal holidays.
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