Computerized cabling specs

The more users and workstations a company has, the more difficult it becomes to prevent business interruptions to operate changes and additions to the network cabling.

Accordingly, it makes good sense to have a well-documented drawing of your architecture. It will help significantly reduce down time, while facilitating transfers, modifications and new deployments.

To ensure the information is reliable and to greatly streamline updates, we provide a custom database with detailed cabling and interconnection inventory and specs. The database lists the location of every item, user, office, plate or enclosure, module, cable, connection port, panel, frame, connection room, floor, building, etc.

Maintaining your infrastructure drawings will be easier than ever!

Requisitions and online tracking

Large backlogs make it difficult and tedious for project managers to efficiently manage, track and carry out requisitions from various parties across the company.

To facilitate the process, we developed an automated and interactive web-based management solution for requisitions, securely hosted on our servers.

A username and password provides access to the system and enables users to send a requisition that will be instantly transfered to our technical coordination center. Their processing is standardized company-wide, thereby streamlining the control of requisition and reducing the chances of errors. All users may access the same information simultaneously on a standalone basis.

You may also view a detailed list of requisitions, make a quick follow-up in real-time of requisitions and deadlines.

In addition, you can query requisition details, by user or all users, and print the result of your queries as reports.