Data centers

Centre de données

Data centers and/or server rooms, whichever you prefer, are limited-access areas. Generally, these critical zones are subject to stringent security measures to safeguard the data.

Their access is controlled and definitely not open to everyone. However, data centers are constantly evolving and require updates to keep up with technological advances.

We can deploy

  • Cable ladders above and/or under cabinets
  • SAN 10G fiber infrastructures, preconnectorized or not
  • 6A copper infrastructures, 10G
  • Fiber optic cable raceways
  • Various models of cabinets
  • Modular power supply and/or power distribution system
  • Emergency power system and emergency units
  • Air conditioning
  • Precise dust control
  • Automatic fire suppression
  • Raised floor
  • Camera surveillance
  • Controlled access, fencing and physical security